Oh, the humble dandelion.  Dandelions are so under-appreciated in our age of pristine grass lawns!  I'll save the lawn rant for another day - for now, let's appreciate the glory of this well-known 'weed'. 

Dandelions are edible and medicinal, and easy (so easy!) to find.  Their uses range from wine to salads to medicinal tonics, and they are perfect to harvest this time of year.
One of spring's first blooms, down by our creek bed.

Spotlight on Dandelion

Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), gets its name from the French 'dent-de-lion' or 'lion's tooth', and is related to chicory and wild lettuce.  Dandelion leaves, flowers, and root are all edible, and are also useful to make herbal remedies, especially tonics for liver and your overall health.
Is it native?
Dandelions were introduced to North America from Europe, and have spread so rapidly they grow nearly world-wide.  Though not on the official Colorado list of noxious weeds, dandelions are often considered an 'extremely invasive, alien species'.  Sounds kind of sci-fi!  Who knew dandelions were so menacing?

How do I identify it?
Let's face it - we all know what a dandelion looks like.  Plus, there are no poisonous look-alikes to confuse us!  But just in case: 

Dandelions have yellow, composite flowers that reach 1-2 inches across.  The flowers are made up of hundreds of tiny petals, and grow individually on hollow flowerstalks.  When dandelions reach maturity, they transform into a white, spherical seedhead - each seed has a tiny 'parachute' that lets it float on the wind.

Dandelion leaves are 3-12 inches long, and 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches wide, always growing in a basal rosette (clustered on the ground).  The leaves are lance-shaped and deeply toothed, with a distinct 'mid-rib' running their length.

Dandelions have a thick, brittle, beige taproot that can grow up to 10 inches long.  When broken, both the root and the flowerstalk ooze a white, milky sap.  (Dandelion roots are so difficult to remove that my landscaping friends and I nicknamed them 'spiteweed'.  Turns out, the more you try to weed them up, the more pieces break off in the ground, and the faster the dandelions grow back.  Good for foragers, at least!)

Where can I find it?
Everywhere!  Okay, not really - but nearly.  Dandelions love 'disturbed habitats', such as lawns and sunny, open stretches of earth.  Their habitat covers every state and province in North America, and a great deal of Europe and Asia.  Dandelions are so adaptive that their habitat may well be more widespread - if you know, leave a comment!

A better question is:  When can I find it? 
Dandelions grow year-round, but the greens are best harvested in early spring and late fall, when they have the least bitterness.  Flowers are best harvested mid-spring, just after they bloom (make sure to only use the yellow parts - the green sepals are quite bitter).  The taproot is tastiest when you harvest it late fall to early spring.

What can I use it for?     
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!  Lots of things.  Let's break it down, shall we?
~ Salads - taste like chicory and endive, slightly bitter
(use young, non-flowering leaves for less bitterness)

~ Sauté or steam
(~ 20 min., especially with garlic and olive oil, or with sweet vegetables like carrots)

~ Boil in one or more changes of water
(lessens bitterness)
~ Dandelion leaf infusions (teas) encourage digestion by stimulating stomach acid and digestive enzymes, and act as a diuretic, improving kidney function.

~ Leaves' milky sap removes warts, moles, pimples, calluses, and sores, and soothes bee stings and blisters

~ When eaten, extremely high nutritional value
(see 'Vitamins & Minerals' below)
~ Salads:  adds color, texture, and bittersweetness

~ Sauté in oil

~ Batter and fry into fritters

~ Steam with other vegetables

~ Pickle in vinegar

~ Brew in tea

~ Ferment: dandelion wine!
~ Antioxidant properties

~ When eaten, high in nutritional value

~ As a wine, very high in potassium

~ Cook as a vegetable, especially in soups
(pre-boiling with changes of water lessens bitterness)

~ Sauté  in olive oil
(good with tamari soy sauce and onions)

~ Dried and roasted, as a coffee-like beverage
~ Decoction (like tea, but boiled longer) is a traditional tonic to strengthen whole body, especially the liver and gallbladder.
- Good for chronic hepatitis: reduces liver swelling and jaundice, and indigestion caused by insufficient bile.
- Promotes bile flow, reduces inflammation, and helps clear gallstones.
- Acts as gentle diuretic, improving kidney function without leaching potassium.

* Don't use with irritable stomach or bowel, or acute inflammation
Vitamins & Minerals
Dandelion leaves are higher in beta carotene than carrots, and higher in iron and calcium than spinach.  They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, E, P, and D, as well as biotin, inositol, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. 

Scientific Evidence
Dandelion root contains the sugar inulin, which doesn't cause rapid production of insulin the way refined sugars do, and helps mature-onset diabetes and hypoglycemia.  The root also contains taraxacin, which promotes bile flow and reduces bile duct inflammation.
"The plant has an antibacterial action, inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumococci, Meningococci, Bacillus dysenteriae, B. typhi, C. diphtheriae, Proteus etc."

How do I prepare it?
Harvest only 1 plant per every 4 present, in order to preserve aesthetic and ecological integrity.  Harvest only from locations where pesticides/herbicides have not been applied.  Refer to 'When do I find it?' section for ideal harvesting times. 

Leaves and flowers are easily picked by hand - roots require a deep trowel and patience!
You can dry dandelion plants in the sun, spread in a single layer, or on low in a dehydrator.

~ 1 c. boiling water
~ 1-2 tsp. dried & crushed dandelion leaves / flowers
Pour boiling water over dandelion parts, cover, and let steep for 5-10 minutes.  Add honey if desired, or brew with lemon, orange peel, or mint.  Drink up to 3 times daily. 

Decoction/root tea
~ 1-2 tsp. chopped dandelion root (dried or fresh)
~ 1 1/2 pints boiling water
Place root in pot of boiling water, and let simmer until amount of water has reduced by about a third (~15 minutes).  Strain and store in a cool place.  Re-heat and add honey if desired.  Drink up to 3 wine-glass-sized servings a day. 
Thanks to Steve Brill's Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants!

What experience do you have with dandelion?  Any other uses?  Please link up to your favorite dandelion recipes!

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4/18/2012 23:24:44

Wow, this is a fantastic read. I always knew they were good for me, but I didn't know just how good they were or how useful they could be. I can still remember my Grandma sending me out with a bucket to collect dandelion greens for salads. Thank you for sharing this thorough post about the dandelion. I forbid my hubby from plucking them when I read that they are the harbinger of nectar flow and a signal that honeybee food is waking up.


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4/19/2012 05:40:30

Great article. Lots of info. I'm off to harvest me some dandelion leaves as soon as the sun is up! Another great thing you can make with dandelion buds is lacto-fermented dandelion capers!

Anna @ Patchwork Radicals
4/19/2012 13:13:33

Hey, thanks for that tip! Dandelion capers sound so gourmet!

Mountain Mama
4/19/2012 12:51:51

The colonists from England must have been pretty radical themselves. So hungry were they for their "spring tonic" that they schlepped the mighty dent-de-lion all the way across the ocean to plant in their kitchen gardens! What a forbidding New World this must have seemed.

4/19/2012 18:53:26

I used to juice dandelions all the time in a concoction I made of dandelions, kale, chard, celery and sprouts. Not surprisingly, it tasted like grass. Blech!

Thanks for the post of all these great uses of dandelions. We have a great supply growing in our backyard at the moment!

4/19/2012 19:23:35

I really have to give some of these a try!

4/20/2012 13:06:07

I have been so tempted to go out and get these annoying weeds and eat them, however my community used to be an old farm and I IS SCARED of what is in the dirt. That's why I built a really high raised bed for my garden. I am still trying to figure out how long it takes for those toxins to disappear from the soil. Any idea?

9/25/2013 10:49:54

Most of the pesticides we get on vegetables in the supermarket are from being sprayed directly, those coming from the soil are a tiny fraction of that. And certainly they are if they are likely to be a minuscule fraction if the soil was sprayed along time ago.
There's always a tiny risk but it sounds as if your soil is as good as you can get,you have to be practical about these things and start munching your dandelions.

Anna @ Patchwork Radicals
4/20/2012 13:53:24

That's a great question, and a valid concern! It really depends on what pesticides the farm used - different chemicals have different half-lives, water solubility, tendency to evaporate, and ability to accumulate in living organisms.
Since you don't know what chemicals were used, it's really hard to say. My guess is that pesticides may be present, but likely in extremely low amounts (like 1/5000 the original concentration). You're probably okay, but who really wants to take that chance, right?
If you ever want to know for sure, say if those dandelions are looking irresistible, or you want to move to in-ground gardening, check out these soil testing companies:
~ http://www.healthybuildinginspections.com/Soil_Testing.html
~ http://www.sdix.com/Products/Environmental-Remediation-Tests/Pesticides-Herbicides-Fungicides.aspx
~ http://www.anresco.com/pesticide.htm

4/26/2012 15:11:16

Thanks for the links. I have been wanting to expand the garden too so I need to know what's in the soil if I am going to place anything directly in the ground.

4/24/2012 14:52:37

That's interesting. When I was a child I would sometimes eat dandelion leaves that I would find outside on our yard. I don't know what prompted me to do that, because it certainly wasn't my parent's practice to teach me to eat wild plants. Maybe it was something instinctual.

Check out my blog, www.nationalfork.com, discussing traditional foodways, nutrition, and the politcs of food.

6/24/2012 22:28:21

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The leaves are lance-shaped and deeply toothed, with a distinct 'mid-rib' running their length.

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