Here I am - the farm hand - in all my sun-hatted, latex-gloved, pea-picking glory. 

My mouth isn't usually shaped like that, for the record - I was trying to say something clever, like that I'm peeved about all these peas, and the photographer caught me mid-pun...

It's summer, folks, and the overabundance of harvest season has begun.  For you, maybe this means delight at the farmers' market, or a surge in home canning from your garden's cornucopia of veggie-goodness. 
For me, this means picking peas.  Lots of peas.  Or, as the Mexicans would say, muchos pinches chícharos!

After a 14 hour day last Friday, which culminated in 5 hours of all hands on deck to pick every single ripe pea on the field, sugar snap peas (as delicious as they are) have become our collective nemesis.

The peas are nearly done with, but June is just the beginning... I'm bracing myself for the tomato harvest - it's gonna be a doozy.

Life as a farm hand sure does take up a lot of time - so much that I've got no time to talk about it! 

Farming is already an overtime job... I also work as a professional modern dancer two days a week, plus I spend wonderful days with loved ones, then I spend the rest of my free time doing all the homesteading projects I normally write about!

Phew.  It's tiring just to write about it.  So, my apologies for the lack of brilliant, insightful, and helpful posts - I'm too busy living!  And that's a great thing. 

My challenge to you today, dear reader, is to pick one project / action / idea from the vast web of inspiring blogs, then shut off the computer and run with it.  Have fun!

What have you (yes, you!) been doing to:
use your resources wisely, gain skills, heal yourself & others, connect with the Earth, reach out to community, and take creative action?

I want to hear about it!

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