_I've done so much already, though it feels like so little - there's an urgency to do! go! more!

Yet, in just the past 6 weeks, I've:
    ~ learned to pickle
    ~ learned to boil-can
    ~ made wild plum jam, dilly beans, & stewed tomatoes
    ~ dehydrated stores of apple, green onion, & tomato
    ~ built a cold frame
    ~ built a hanging herb spiral and propagated rosemary, mint, & thyme
    ~ pressed apple cider
    ~ baked bread
    ~ wildcrafted mullein
Nice work!

Let's keep doing it.

I want to:
    ~ make herbal remedies, esp. w/ lemon balm & peppermint
    ~ make pickles!
    ~ can salsa
    ~ replant cold frame
    ~ make cleaning/beauty potions
    ~ bake bread regularly
    ~ make my own wine

*Note:  This is a retrospective entry from my homemaking journal, shortly after I got 'the bug' - hence the far-past date.
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