I love projects... maybe you noticed?  My recycling bin is littered with to-do lists on backs of receipts, motivating me to:
  • write my best friend a letter
  • purge my extra belongings
  • make chocolate almond milk
  • organize food storage
  • sew a soft guitar case
  • and so on...
But lately I haven't had that usual fire under my ass to do! go! more!

I can think of a few reasons for my lack of motivation:  Morgan, my partner, just moved out of the state... I'm in a transition period in work and relationships... and the Sun moved into Pisces.
Take the astrology with a grain of salt (I do!), but it's interesting that the same day this unmotivated streak began, the Sun moved into Pisces (and it'll be there until the Spring Equinox).  Here's what the We'Moon has to say:
"Mutable Water-sign Pisces asks us to slow down and contemplate
It's time to metabolize last year's complexities and make it safe to be sensitive; nurture the subtle voices within before we spring forward. 
Dream, listen; feel the complex tapestry of life, and prepare."
As an introvert, I need solitude and quiet introspection to recharge.  There is a beauty in the non-doing, the unmotivated resting state.  Farmers know that soil needs to lie fallow, to gather its strength for the next period of abundant growth.

Depression is different, and an indicator that something needs to change - but simply feeling unmotivated should be honored.  Our culture puts a huge value on productivity and moving fast.  Instead, be gentle with yourself.  Do what you truly need to do, for yourself... even if that means staying in your pajamas all weekend, napping an extra hour, or spending the evening watching silly movies.  Your motivation will return, and when it does you'll be truly ready. 

From Marianne Williamson, on life and honoring your inner voice:
"Happiness truly is one of those “one day at a time” type of  things.  Do what you have to do today, to be happy.   Give.  Love.  Pray.  Meditate.  Be kind.  Read serious spiritual literature.  Exercise.  Do something constructive.   Contribute to someone’s life.  Atone.  Show up for your life.  Show up for the people who love you.  Show up for your work.  Practice being who you want to be.

And when you do that, something amazing happens.  You start to live the life you want, simply because that’s the life you showed up for."
Some days, I feel I have to do, create, build - I am motivated.  Other days,  I have to rest, read, meditate, reflect - I am unmotivated (at least, by productivity standards).  But each day I listen to my inner needs, productive or not, is a successful day.
10/11/2013 01:49:48 am

As an introvert, I demand aloneness moreover pacify introspection to recharge. There is a bombshell in the stop-doing, the unmotivated resting commonwealth. Ranchers recognize that ground demands to rest idle, to group its endurance for the following epoch of abounding development.


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