Yesterday I brought home an armload of seasonal veggies, fresh from the farm.  I asked for suggestions for what to do with my braising mix and green garlic, but I got hungry waiting on y'all! 

So I went ahead and made a delicious, all-local breakfast!  Incidentally, it's Paleo and gluten-free, for those who are into that.

~ braising greens, local & organic
~ green onions, local & organic
~ eggs, local & pastured
~ RealSalt, sourced near my home state
~ cracked black pepper, gifted
~ olive oil
Pour ~1 Tbsp olive oil into a frying pan, and let warm over medium heat.

Crack an egg into a corner the pan (leave room for your greens!), and let it start to fry.

Remove the largest stems from your braising greens, & cut the leaves into bite-sized pieces.

Toss the greens in the frying pan to coat with olive oil - I drizzled a little more oil on top, just for good measure.

Chop your green garlic.  You can use regular garlic too, of course - but if you're using green garlic, just chop the white ends.  If you're using garlic scapes (pre-flowering tops of bulb garlic), use the whole thing!

When the greens are just starting to wilt, add your garlic to the pan, and salt everything.

Flip your fried egg!  Careful, now...

Add cracked black pepper to everything, and continue frying until the greens are tender.

Serve and enjoy your delicious breakfast!

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5/6/2012 09:55:38 am

Great picture. Sounds really good.

5/8/2012 05:24:48 am

Oh YUM, that looks delicious! I'm pinning to pinterest right now...

5/10/2012 07:31:14 pm

This looks so good! Gald you linked it to Seasonal Celebration Sunday! Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network x


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12/28/2015 01:30:35 am

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