Quick and dirty recipe - homemade tempeh salad!  Delicious, nutritious, easy.  Like many lovely things in life.

When your immune system is struggling, protein and greens are the ultimate combination.  When your energy is low, quick meals are a godsend.  Ta-da!  Tempeh salad, at your service.

Now, you don't have to use homemade tempeh, but I highly, highly recommend it.  It's less expensive and more delicious.  Plus, how cool is it to ferment your own tempeh?!?  Way cool.

You will need:
~ tempeh (homemade or otherwise)
~ mixed greens
~ olive oil -or- coconut oil
~ salt
~ dressing of your choice (I recommend savory)

Now, since you'll be making your own tempeh (right?  riiight?), I'm going to treat you to some glamour shots of my homemade tempeh, fresh from the incubator.
And before you ask - yes, it's moldy.  Soybeans need to ferment to become digestible, and tempeh ferments through the action of the Rhyzopus Oligosporus spore, or mold.  All the white stuff between beans in your store-bought tempeh is mold.  But when you buy it from the store, it's pasteurized, so has none of the beneficial probiotics of homemade tempeh. 

Befriend mold!

A few more spore-ridden tempeh pictures, to get you used to the idea.
Tempeh's top surface reminds me of flying over a layer of clouds.
Tempeh's underside looks more familiar - lovely & marbled!
Once you've procured your tempeh (really, it's fine if you buy it from the store, I won't think any less of you!), slice a 3"x3" section of tempeh into triangular pieces.  Or squares.  Or parallelograms!  They all taste the same.

Heat ~1 tbsp olive oil (or coconut oil, since its better suited to high heat) in a frying pan, and fry tempeh until golden brown on both sides and heated through.

Meanwhile, make a bed of greens (I used baby spinach and a mysterious package of mixed greens hiding in my mother's fridge), and lightly coat greens with your choice of dressing.  I chose a savory Italian dressing, while my mom opted for a raspberry vinaigrette.  You can also mix your own vinaigrette with olive oil and some vinegar (balsamic would be tasty!)

Season tempeh with salt, and layer tempeh on top of your greens.

There you go!  That's it.  Feel free to jazz this up with sliced grape tomatoes, green onions, shredded carrots, red onions... you name it.  But I was tired, and just wanted some gosh-darn greens. 
Oooh... aaah...
How do you like to prepare your tempeh?  Have you tried making your own tempeh yet?  How did it go?

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4/26/2012 10:57:27 pm

Ha, although you won't catch me touching any form of soy with a ten-foot pole (major sensitivity to it) so glad you talked about the benefits of fermenting.

I didn't realize that fermenting caused mold such as that. I wonder if it is allergenic. I have a mold allergy too (at least I did but I think my gut is starting to heal from all of that now).

4/25/2013 03:19:20 pm

Going through your blog has left my mouth watery. I have read some of the best food recipes on your blog and it is so impressive. I actually started trying out some on my own and it works out to be perfectly awesome. Thanks for your sharing.


I am extremely impressed thanks for sharing all information. It is a great post for the people to get the proper information

8/24/2013 11:45:06 pm

The many white goods between pinto beans within your store-bought tempeh is actually mould.

9/4/2013 08:24:19 pm

This article has some great and useful information about this subject. Thank you for sharing it in an easy to read and understandable format.

9/5/2013 10:35:09 am

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9/28/2013 01:59:31 am

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Sophie Dao
10/2/2013 07:01:31 am

I enjoyed reading your article on tempeh. Thank you for sharing...
I just started learning how to make tempeh at home myself. So far, I have made three batches, the first two were total waste. The third one looked better and the two blocks were covered with all white stuff after about 36 hours; however, the beans were not packed tightly like yours. When I cut it up some of beans fell out, and it was somewhat slimy. Do you know what I have done wrong? Where or how can I improve the process?
Thank you very much in advance for any advice


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10/4/2013 04:54:03 pm

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