Call me over-analytical, but I'm pretty conflicted over St. Patty's Day.  I can't bring myself to just shoot Irish Carbombs and call it an excuse to party... there's so much more to St. Patrick's Day's history than that.
My St. Patty's Day conflict:
I find it hard to celebrate a day based on systematic oppression of an Earth-based religion.

St. Patrick drove the 'snakes' out from Ireland... no, not real snakes.  Pagans.  Druids.  Earth worshippers.  Well, as you may know, I'm a tree hugging dirt worshipper and I identify with them.
But I'm Irish!  So incredibly Irish!  And I'm proud of the long line of Irish women for whom I'm named.

My fond memories of St. Patrick's day:  corned beef, soda bread, Whiskey, and my Catholic grandmother's pinches if we wore orange (Protestant colors, you know).
I'm not such a sour-puss about it that I won't party (I am an Irish lass, after all) - but I think St. Patty's Day deserves a little thought.  Thankfully, green was the color of leaves long before it was the Catholic color... and so I return to those roots.  

I wear green to honor my heritage: Ireland has the greenest grass I've ever seen.
I wear green to honor the Earth and all the green, brown, and jewel-toned beings.
I wear green to honor the secret, shared bond between Pagans and Christians:
Love for the Earth and all God's creations.
via Norseman Arts on Etsy
Okay.  Now that's out of the way.... Happy St. Patty's Day!  Party on!

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