My diet doesn't fit into any easy label. 

When I say I'm vegetarian, friends raise their eyebrows over my occasional hamburger and call me a fake.  When I say I'm a flexitarian, it's dismissed as lazy vegetarianism.  When I say I'm a locavore, well, people are just confused.

The truth is, none of these dietary labels are accurate in the first place.  For me, food is highly personal, and my needs and intuitions change over time - daily, sometimes.

Currently, my diet could be described as a semi-locavore lacto-ovo-pesce-pollo-flexitarian.  But who really understands or wants to hear that?

If anything, I'm an intuitive eater.  (An intuitian?  Intuivore?  Hmm.)
My food logic changes often, but it always takes into account: 1) environmental impact, 2) personal impact, and 3) social impact

If there's any algorithm to my dietary choices, it looks something like this:
Nifty, huh?  But when it really comes down to it, I listen to my gut - in more ways than one.

What's your dietary style?  Why do you make the food choices that you do?

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2/17/2012 06:16:02 am

Love your algorithm... if I had one it would be similar (and at least as complicated) as yours :). It IS such a personal thing- to me it's about being intentional with what I eat. I think intuivore and/or maybe intention-vore? will be my new self-description. Thanks for sharing!!

5/10/2012 12:20:34 pm

I love this so much! This is how I think about food, too!
I haven't really gotten into meat yet, but I agree that it is a part of intuitive eating, and especially with being a locavore. So far I've been surviving without it, but some of my locavore-flaws are because I haven't yet been able to come to terms with death enough to eat meat...
Maybe some day!...And sooner if I can find a hunter/butcher that I really trust gave death to an animal in a way I could respect.

10/9/2012 12:21:49 pm

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