Today, night and day are in perfect balance. 

Here in the Rocky Mountain foothills, the ground is bursting with bright yellow forsythia, spiky poppy leaves, bold dandelions, shy succulents, hardy arugula and kale, downy mullein, and small tender shoots that I do not recognize.  Spring is finally here!

The spring equinox is a time for flowers, for celebration of fertility and renewal: the Earth's and our own.  Eat and paint eggs (Easter traditions stemmed from the pagan Ostara, the spring celebration), decorate with fresh flowers, take a walk outside & welcome the new life. 
Meditate on balance and make room for personal renewal.  Make a list of all the tender shoots within yourself that you'd like to nurture this spring - that goal you're working towards, the new habits you'd like to embody, blossoming interests and relationships, and glimmers of your best self you'd like to invite forward. 

Now is the time to nurture your budding self.       

And while you're at it, send a little love Nature's way - she's working hard to bring us all these beautiful blooms.

Happy spring!

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10/11/2013 10:35:39 pm

Ponder on square besides compel den for individual revival. Originate a schedule of many the proffer hunts interior yourself that you'd cherish to cherish this jump - that target you're busy beneficials, the recent praxiss you'd analogous to embrace, blossoming concerns besides correlations, also glimmers of your supreme identical you'd synonymous to attract advanced.

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