I spend a fair amount of time searching for ideas and like-minded folk on the web.  In my search, I've noticed a few patterns in the 'homemaker' crowd.  Some I jive with, and others, well...

I'm slowly but surely finding my place(s) on the web, though I fit into several digital crannies:

What do you think?  Did I miss anyone?
1/22/2012 05:47:15 am

What a crazy cool graph. Did you use a program to make, or just your observations. Still sorting out which I fit into. Eco-punk sounds good, but think I'm just not punk enough. Maybe Frugal Vintage Crafty DIYer? Matti

1/22/2012 07:32:06 am

Hey Matti,
I used SumoPaint, a free online picture editor, and I cobbled it together from my own observations.
I like your self-title! I forgot about the Vintage Crafters - I love seeing those kinds of projects.
Thanks for reading!
~ Anna

3/17/2012 05:48:07 pm

Hahaha, I love this! I always feel like I'm not sure where I fit in either. I'm definitely a Cute Crafty/Environmentally Minded DIYer, Urban Homesteading & Gardening Addicted but I'm also super geeky in love with Star Wars and Doctor Who, play video games like a mad woman, and am a vegan. I usually summarize it as a "geeky vegan homemaker" but those three words just don't really capture the essence of the ridiculous person I am.

3/17/2012 05:52:59 pm

Ooo, and I'm super frugal. I coupon, shop at the discount food stores, and enter contests regularly to keep our overhead low.

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