I got off work early!  Aside from a chance to run errands, this means that I actually made dinner today.  (Usually I just toss together some nachos)
Today's concoction?  Tangy chicken mizuna.  And yes, it's as delicious and gourmet as it sounds.

Mizuna?  What the heck is mizuna?  I'm glad you asked.  I didn't know either.
Mizuna is an 'Asian' green, similar to bok choy, or mustard greens.  A little crisp, a little bitter, but relatively mild - the taste is growing on me by the minute!

Last week, I was a vegetarianThis week, I bought whole fryer chicken, and stretched its galline goodness as far as I could. 

The three stages are simple: 
Roast, Leftovers, Stock

By using all available parts of the chicken, we honor its death, nourish our bodies, and spend our money wisely. 

I just came back from the Florida Gulf, visiting my partner Morgan.  It was an exotic tropical vacation for me, since I'm used to the dry climate of the Rocky Mountain foothills.  The Gulf is a very different world! 

In a lot of ways, the Florida landscape felt very alien to me - lizards clinging to the curtains, Spanish moss hanging from telephone lines, and the scent of saltwater forever on the air. 

The feel and flavor of the Gulf is so very different from my landlocked Rockies home, and the local food was a deliciously exotic treat. 

One word:  Seafood.  Oh my... peel n' eat shrimp, mango tuna tartare, oyster shooters, fried shrimp with hot sauce, raw oysters on the half shell, triggerfish tacos, spicy ginger shrimp ka-bobs, seared tuna with cilantro...

It's making me drool a little just thinking about all the seafood. 

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